Beginning Experience Level 4

Hello, Goodbye, and In-Between

Level IV of Beginning Experience

Communications Skills for Friends and Partners

This 5 week program deals with the development or enhancement of communications skills on a personal level. It was established to help those individuals considering a new relationship, or who are already into a new relationship, to establish communication skills which can help avoid problems similar to those they have experienced in their past relationships. The program utilizes teams of two persons, who may or may not be in a relationship together to practice various skills and techniques. Teams can be a woman and man, two women, or two men and should be good friends who are willing to take communications risks and grow. The course was designed and written by Father Wendy Vetter of the Eastern North Dakota Diocese and Gwen Ahmann Kysilka, both of whom have extensive training and experience in human relations. It has become a part of the Beginning Experience program (Level IV) that has been in Western ND for the past 28 years. Participants do not have to have taken the other three programs to attend.

START DATE: To Be Announced – one night per week for five weeks.

TIME: 7:00 to 9:00 pm (please arrive by 6:30 the first night for registration)

WHERE: To Be Announced

COST: $15.00 per person + workbook cost of $15.00

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: Call Connie at 250-9036           


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