Childrens Beginning Experience of Western North Dakota

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Bismarck - Susan E. 701-258-3152

Bismarck - Janette H. 701-255-1571

Minot - Marie M. 701-839-8690

Dickinson - Tony W. 701-872-3203 

Bismarck - Gary A.  701-391-1825

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Next Weekend will be in Bismarck on May 5th and 6th

 The Pain of Loss

Hope for the Future

Just as adults grieve the loss of a spouse through death, separation or divorce, children experience similar complex emotions when the relationship with a parent is severed or dramatically changed. The Childrens Experience Weekend provides a place where children are helped through their emotions.  A safe, secure enviroonment is provided for caring, acceptance and feelings of community to blossom.  Founded by a Catholic nun and rooted in the Christian traditioon, the program's open ecumenical spirit serves those of all faiths..

Who should Attend

The weekend is for children between the ages of 8 and 16 who have experienced the loss of a parent through death, or a changed parental relatonship through sepraration or divorce, and who now live in a single-parent or blended families.  The aim of the program is to help children sort out and begin working through feelings of loss and pain while strengthing self esteem and self acceptance.

What Happens at a weekend

From Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, the beginning Experience program for children is presented by a team of adults and kids who have also experienced this loss themselves and are willing to share their experience to help others. While older children are able to write and talk about their feelings, younger children often express feelings through actions. The children participating are placed in groups by age in order to allow them to express their feelings based on level of maturity. Team members lead participants through a program of verbal and visual presentations, personal reflection that includes writing for the older kids and artistic expression for the younger kids, and small sharing. The weekend also includes time for fun.

Program Goals

The goals of the Children's Beginning Experience programs are:

To help each child sort out some of his or her feelings about the changes that have occured in the family unit.

To help each child become aware that others share similar experiences.

To help each child develop a feeling of "family" in his or her restructured family unit.

To help each child build a stronger self image.

To help each child build a sense of hope and trust in life and in his or her own future.  


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The loss of a parent through death, or a changed parental relationship through separation or divorce, are among a child's most traumatic experiences, Children dealing with these losses may become withdrawn, fearful, insecure, act out for no apparent reason, become confused or depressed, and often blame themselves